Blog 7

The news story firstly introduces that many people today do not acquire the ability to distinguish real stories from fictions. With the popularity of social media and the recently criticize of “fake news” in mainstream media from the newly elected president, media literacy should be paid more attention to it. Therefore, the reporter interviewed David… Continue reading Blog 7

Audio Postcard2

Muse is a clothing shop that aims to bring a bigger city feel and a new fashion taste to the Columbia City. Sydney Rosee is a  new sales associate working in the shop. She loves working here and wishes to learn more from the Muse.

J2150 blog 6

If I am a film director to record the story, I would certainly choose to create the perfect quarter sound by myself to get the natural sound. However, as a journalist, I cannot betray the journalist moral standards in this situation: “Journalism’s first obligation is to the truth.” First of all, as a journalist, I… Continue reading J2150 blog 6

student interview

Sophomore Alex Lofaro came to study at the University of Missouri with a strong connection to Mizzou. Alex also looked forward to studying in the journalism school of Mizzou before he entered college because of his own interest and the great reputation of Mizzou Journalism School.

J2150 Blog4

In the story “Start homes in Columbia market difficult to find”, it talks about the dilemma in Columbia real estate market: homes are built much more than the median income range. Eight sources are used to lend authenticity to the story. David Drilling is a potential home buyer in Columbia. He complained that he cannot… Continue reading J2150 Blog4

J2150 blog3

The basic point of the story is that I want to introduce the Karate Club to students in Mizzou. At first, I was surprised at the fact that the Japanese martial art is popular among our school. After contacting members, the chairman, and the coach of the karate club, I found out that not only… Continue reading J2150 blog3