Blog 10

I have learned a lot of practical skills in the J2150 class so far. In the video section, I have learned how to record video with 5-shot sequences to tell a story. Now I know how to edit a video through the premier. Moreover, I have learned that pictures are not the only important part in a video. In fact, audios also play an important role in a high-quality video story. It is also important to shoot a video in different but logical angles. To shoot a fluent video, it is necessary to use the tripod to hold the camera.

In the audio section, I have learned how to record an audio using a zoom recorder. I have learned the importance of recording ambient sound and natural sound to provide background information in an audio story. I have also learned how to record an interview clearly with correct holding posture. Besides, now I know how to edit an audio story though the use of adobe audition.

In the photo section, so far I have learned the basic rule like the rule of thirds, the leading lines, and the decisive moments. I also learned about the meaning of the exposure triangle.

During this class, I have learned how to talk and interview strangers and record their stories. I know how to write and present a pitch. I think I am strongest in the photo because taking photos has always been my strongest interest, but I really need to improve my video taking skills. I am still confused about how to change the scenes and find the best scene to shoot. I am also poor at editing videos because I do not know which scene should I use and which scene should I abandon.

I also want to gain more skills in editing videos and photos. I will want to gain the skills by editing videos and photos in my final project. I think I can improve these skills by practicing more.


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