ANCHOR INTRO (Quick Setup for Story): The karate club in Mizzou is the oldest martial arts club on campus. It provides a place for adults to learn karate.

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 YOUR NARRATION:  Mizzou Karate club provides a place for people to practice karate and develop self-defense skills. Usually, kids start to learn karate when they are 5 or 6 years old. However, most of the members in the club are adults. They are university students and staff from Mizzou. While students generally have not been practicing karate for a long time, Megan Grazman, chairman of the karate club, says she thinks it will not be a huge challenge to learn karate at a relatively older age.

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I don’t feel a lot of difficulty with that. I am still pretty flexible, so, and it’s almost easier as an adult because it’s easier to remember.

 Marlin Guest is the coach of the karate club. He has been learning and teaching at the club for fifteen years. He admits that children have advantages in learning karate, but they are not old enough to do much practice.

SOUNDBITE 2                       TRT: 0:29

Whenever kids are really young, I think it’s important to teach, does not have to be the martial art, it can be also many sports, more so than the actual martial art, because then you get into the situation where you have people that are black belts that are eleven. You know, and the whole mentality behind it is that you know, black belts is something that comes with lots of practice. There is no way that they are old enough to have that practice.

 Karate can help people build a stronger body and to relax from stressful work. The principle that people learn in the karate can also apply to our everyday life. It is never too late to join the karate club.

(SIGN OFF) It is from Xinming Xia, J2150, Columbia.




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