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In the story “Start homes in Columbia market difficult to find”, it talks about the dilemma in Columbia real estate market: homes are built much more than the median income range.

Eight sources are used to lend authenticity to the story. David Drilling is a potential home buyer in Columbia. He complained that he cannot find an affordable house here.

Lauren Baxter is a retailer from House of Brokers. She noted that house in a certain range is in shortage.

The third source is the Columbia Board of Realtors President-elect Sean Moore. As a government officer, he plays the role as providing authoritative information. Moore pointed that most new houses are built at a price higher than $200,000, which are unaffordable for families in median income rage.

The fourth source is RE/MAX agent Kofi Adadey, who also confirms that there is a shortage in house market.

Tiana Schimming is a Columbia Area Career Center nursing student. She proved that it is hard to find a house under $120,000, and many of the houses are old. Moore also pointed out that many low prices houses in Columbia are old, and people prefer the move-in-ready houses.

The sixth source is Columbia Board of Realtors President Jim Meyer. He said the Columbia real estate market is reviving, but the price of the new houses may continue increasing. Kara Linnemeyer, general counsel at Beacon Street Properties, also agreed with Meyer’s opinion.

Planning and Zoning Commissioner Michael MacMann explained the reason of the housing shortage is the profit margin. However, Linnemeyer said that changing development regulations and others contribute to the problem.

To address the problem, Linnemeyer said the government needs to provide assistance. Randy Cole is the housing program supervisor for the city. He explained that the City Council has worked on the problem.

The sources from government officials, house retailers, potential house buyers, and staff form relating organizations combined to provide multiply perspectives to the story. Therefore, readers can learn about what the problem is, how people are suffering from that, and how to address the problem. Some sources also provide different opinion on the same issue, which also add complexity to the story.

I think these sources are reliable because their full names and titles are provided in the article. The information that they provided also agree with their status. I think the reporter went to House of Brokers to interview retailers and potential house buyers. She may also go to the City Council to interview government officials and the Columbia Home Builders Association to interview the source work in the organization. To select the sources, the reporter chose to cover those provided the necessary information to explain the situation in Columbia real estate market.







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