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The basic point of the story is that I want to introduce the Karate Club to students in Mizzou. At first, I was surprised at the fact that the Japanese martial art is popular among our school. After contacting members, the chairman, and the coach of the karate club, I found out that not only practicing can help people build stronger bodies, but also help them to learn the skills of self-defense. The karate also teaches them about the importance of respect and politeness. Besides, people in the karate club are nice and they learn from each other. I think it is necessary to introduce the club to other students because they will learn a lot from joining and practicing in the club.

There is not much tension in my story, and that is the reason why the video may be boring.

In the short video, I chose to interview the chairman of the karate club. I recorded the movements of her when she was practicing. I think I can improve that by taking some shoots when she practices with other people, and that is what I am going to shoot in my TV-style video.

The Japanese martial art was not created to hurt other people. Instead, it aimed to help people defense for themselves and show the beauty of the martial art. Therefore, I determined that the pace in my video is more slowly to show every move clearly. In the beginning, I shot the setting sun to create a peaceful feeling because karate also wants to bring people peaceful mind during practicing. Then when I shot the members doing warm-up and practicing, I also chose to make the pace not so rapidly. Karate is not like fighting in the street. The slow pace can show its own beauty.

I asked questions like “what did you usually do during the practicing?” “Why is the club located off campus?” “How do you feel about the people in the club?” “What you have learned through practicing?” “Will you continue to practice in the club?” to get the responses I need to tell the story.

I think I can improve many aspects of my video. I can improve the way I tell the story by giving more aspects of the karate club. It is hard for me to shoot the five shoots sequence because people are moving during the practicing. It is hard for me to find a perfect angle. I chose to record the five movements when my interviewee was doing the warm-up. And when I did the interview part, I forgot that it would be better if the interviewee was turned 45 degrees from me. I can also improve my editing to make the pace more slowly. I will try to improve these in the TV-style video.



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