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Last week, The New York Time published a story named “Pet Pigs of New York: Illegal, Embattled, Beloved.”

The compelling characters in the story are New Yorkers who keep pet pigs while violating a provision of the city health code, intrigued judge, and the “Not even bothering anyone” lawbreakers.

The story is pretty clear. According to the Article 161 Animals, wild and other animals are prohibited in New York. Unlike traditional pets such as dogs or cats, pigs are not supposed to appear as pets in the New York City. However, there are many big fans of pet pigs in the city. As Ms. Matteo has told the judge, there is more than one underground pig network in New York. As can be expected, these pets are kept secretly against the law. Someone discovered the fact and complained to the police. As a result, the city’s health department asked the owners to send their pets away. The conflict is that some owners cannot live without their pets emotionally, but they have no other choices to keep their pigs unless they move out of New York.

In the story, the author did not express much of his opinion, but we can still see multiple viewpoints in the article. On one hand, it is illegal to keep pet pigs in New York. On the other hand, pet pigs already gained much popularity among citizens. People who have kept pet pigs think that pet pigs are clean, friendly and intelligent. In Queelin’s apartment, the pig has already become an indispensable member of the family. It is hard to judge from the article whether if it is appropriate to have pet pigs.

The brief way to tell the story makes the story outstanding. The last part of the article gives a vivid description of the life of Quellin and her owner, which also makes the story attractive. All the elements that should be provided in a story can be easily found in the article. In conclusion, it is a story that is worthy of reading.




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